Hydrogeological Services

Hydrogeological assessments are required to show surface and groundwater management and operational guidelines in projects .

Our personnel have a technical and multidisciplinary background in engineering, as well as in the social sciences and humanities.. Together, these holdings enable us to assess any site condition accurately and suggest value-engineered answers to your issues. Our hydrogeologists, hydrologists, and engineers work to develop and safeguard surface and groundwater resources by conducting sustainable groundwater assessments and impact and survivability analyses, as well as facilitating the design of new water wells and recharge wetlands to establish new local watersheds.

Experienced hydrogeologists with specialization in developing sustainable water supplies, impact, and risk assessment, investigating polluted land, simulation, and evaluating data sets. These experts have in-depth knowledge of chemistry, dynamics, and interactions between the water regime and other environmental factors. We also have expertise in evaluating remediation alternatives and using a variety of groundwater containment and cleanup approaches in actual field settings, including:

  • Ground Water Clearance from CGWA.
  • Groundwater Monitoring Well Installation, Monitoring and Closure
  • Groundwater Flow Determination and Analysis
  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • Construction and Development of New Public Water Wells
  • Deep Well Installation
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